June 30, 2002

So yesterday, while doing some quick shopping, I managed to partake in a large sale at KMart in Ithaca and I purchased an outdoor bar set complete with a “bar”, a bartender’s stool and four bar stools / chairs. The set is very attractive and should be a lot of fun for throwing outdoor parties. It is handy just for eating outside. The “bar” has two layers of shelves for holding all kinds of things. Dominica was really excited about it.

For anyone who is interested, Loopy and I have a scanner for Windows 98 that we are selling for $20. We don’t use it anymore since we are no longer running Windows 98. Scanner works fine.

Yesterday I also managed to get another big haul of awesome movies! I have added Dune: Director’s Cut, Twelve Monkeys, Gosford Park and A Beautiful Mind. So I am very excited about all of the new movies that I have.

Matt moved in today. Now there are seven people living here for the next six weeks. What a full house we have.

Today has to be cut short as I have two papers to write for tomorrow.

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