July 1, 2002

Canadian FlagMiranda is coming tomorrow to visit us from far away Canada. She will be down for the week and will have the opportunity to celebrate her first ever Fourth of July.

Emily and Craig will be down tomorrow as well visiting us from far away Colorado. Of course, I have to go to DC tonight and work so I will not get the chance to visit with anybody. Isn’t that just how it always works.

The guys’ band “Nate” played at the Nines last night. Many of you showed up to see it. Good to see everyone there. The turn out from the “Nate” crowd was pretty impressive. The cheese sandwiches at the Nines where as good as ever.

Matt moved in over the weekend and has settled into the downstairs den which has been the temporary living space of so many people:) Three new futons have been moved into the house and sleeping arrangements can now be made on one located in the den, one in the upstairs reading nook or in the garage. The couches (5) are all still available as well. The closets are filling up rapidly.

Canadian FlagZach will be leaving us shortly to work in Canada for a few weeks. So until he returns, he will also be getting graced with a Canadian flag. In other Canadian news, Natalie is expected to be returning home tomorrow so we might have a chance to see her over the summer now.

Dominica has gotten a latteral move at work that roughly amounts to a promotion over to method development. Details are not firm yet but she is really excited about it. Work will be a lot more fun over in that department.

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