July 2, 2002

What a week this is going to be. I am in DC now, I drove down here yesterday evening and arrived at Washington Hospital Center at 1:15 am. That alone should have been enough to qualify as a rough start to the week. On the ride down, I stopped at the bookstore to pick up a copy of “Just for Fun” the Linus Torvalds autobiography on CD. It is a 5 CD set. I listened to it on the drive down. Two and a half hours into the book, I realized that they had included two copies of the fourth CD and none of the the third so I never got a chance to hear the entire book. So that happened. Then I arrive in DC early in the morning to work on our Waste Watcher Mobility system that is a computer mounted in the cabs of one of our route trucks. I find the door to the truck unlocked and the laptop stolen. So, there wasn’t very much work for me to actually do at that point. Good thing that I drove all of the way down here. Then, to top it all off, I needed to set up a meeting with someone this week and manage to get a hold of him just in time to find out that he is leaving for vacation ten minutes from the time that I am writing this update. So, it is looking like it is going to be a really long week.

The latest version of the Opera web browser is now out. Version 6.04 for Windows. I am in the process of downloading it right now. For those of you who are involved in web design, Opera 6.04 is now going to be the browser used to preview web pages in new versions of Macromedia’s Dreamweaver which is a big improvement over Netscape Navigator 4.x that they have been using up until now. Opera has also been selected as being the browser of choice for Red Flag Linux in China.

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