July 24, 2002

I actually pulled myself out of bed around 5 am this morning but decided to hang out in bed till just after 6. Still, I am up pretty darn early for me. I know, I know, Eric gets up at 2am – whatever. This morning in my junk email I got some forwarded Lotus Totus thing. What the heck is this stuff? It says, this email has already been sent “around the world ten times.” First of all, what does that mean. It isn’t like it had to walk. I have a friend in Singapore, if she and I email each other with an attachment a few times, it would have “gone around the world ten times” and never have been read by anyone. Secondly, someone had to write that on that email. But who would know or have the authority to change it. Therefore it must be a lie because it was either added later by someone being smart, or more likely, it was part of the original email sent to the very first person who was probably only two people before me. I am still amazed that I haven’t gone out and started some weird chain email that makes everyone do a dance and visit Sheep Guarding Llama! Here is another one that I got this morning… “Send Your Resume to 50 Recruters in Your Area” – right. Maybe they don’t know what my area is. There aren’t 50 recruters in this area. There aren’t 20. Nice try though. I almost bought their product.

I just checked in with UPS and the new Rotel is in Ithaca and scheduled for delivery today as planned. I am very excited, can you tell? There are two Marantz MA-500 monoblocks on eBay as well. I only need one and the five channel home theatre is complete. It is very tempting to grab the first one that I can find.

I noticed that the second sequel (Broken Sword 3) is coming this year from Revolution. I hope that it is going to come out for the GBA as well as its other platforms. These are the best games that I have found yet for the GBA. Finally something to really sink into and get involved in. I did notice that the really, really old Amiga game Defender of the Crown is out for the GBA. There is a game that I thought was forgotten about in the annals of history. I forgot that that game ever existed by sometime in 1989.

The About page has been updated to reflect the change in the house roster that took place a few weeks ago.

The Hangar Theater crowd that is living in our attached house will be moving out on August 10th. They have made an interesting addition to the landscape here. We went for so long without neighbors that we forgot that it could even happen. The house that we face has gotten new tenents as well, a German professor with Cornell’s Vet School located just up the road.

I am definitely headed to DC today but I will be back on Saturday morning so that I can get to Tim and Becky’s wedding. Has everyone been shopping for a gift yet? They are registered at Sears and Kaufmans. I am starting to actually enjoy the drive down to DC because it gives me a chance to just hang out in the car and listen to some of my CDs. It isn’t very often that I get to do that so appreciate the opportunity. Maybe I will pick up another Sue Grafton murder mystery before I pull out. John has two books on tape that I need to remember to borrow, that will save me two purchases.

I watched Snow Dogs the other day. That movie was horrible. It wasn’t at all how I had thought it was going to be and the story was pathetic. I can’t believe that they are able to get crap like that in theatres. No wonder no one has any respect for anything that Disney does other than their cartoons and even those aren’t very reliable. A correction needs to be made to the “Most Watched” movie list, Army of Darkness is at 7 and accidentally didn’t make the list. Some movies get cheated because of weird multiple copy situations like Thumb Wars which has been watched no less than 15 times but there are four individual copoes and a house copy of the movie. The total collection now has only 41 never watched movies. I am working hard at getting that number down. Emily used to make fun of me when there were only like 5-10 unwatched movies.

Someone was asking me the other day about John Turturro and what movies he has appeared in that they would know. I don’t remember who was asking so I will post a short list here and hope that someone figures out who it was and lets them know. Mr. Deeds, O Brother Where Art Thou, The Big Lebowski, Rounders, Summer of Sam, He Got Game, Being Human, Brain Donors, Miller’s Crossing, Do the Right Thing, Color of Money, Gung Ho, Desperately Seeking Susan, The Flamingo Kid and Raging Bull. That is a pretty impressive list and is nowhere near all that he has done and the list that I got it from is not complete either since I own movies that he leads in that aren’t even on there. So he may have done a tone more than this.

Ok, well I am going to post pretty early today because I need to stop working on this and move on to everything that I need to do to get my butt outta this town. I will be around till mid afternoon if anyone needs to track me down. I might be out running errands during lunch so call the cell if you need me.

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