July 25, 2002

I arrived in DC around 1:00 am and worked at Washington Hospital Center until 5:00 am or so and then I headed out to Annapolis to get some much needed sleep. The guy that I was supposed to be working with at 2:00 am didn’t call that he had gotten in to work until 11:15 am. Just a little bit late. But I think that I got the work done that I needed to. I don’t have to go into the hospital today so I get to relax some and get some stuff done around the condo. John brought me breakfast this morning from the deli and then took off to drive down to Columbia, South Carolina where he is speaking at the ASHES convention. So, I have the condo to myself until I head for home Friday or Saturday.

We actually have a new “Letter to the Editor” that I am very excited about. It has been forever since someone has written to us with a real opinion. I will try to get that up today as well.

The new Rotel Preamp/Processor arrived yesterday early enough that I was actually able to hook it up and watch a movie. The new system is amazing. Johanna came over and we watched a few minutes of Blackhawk Down in Dolby Digital AC-3 Surround and that was pretty awesome but then I popped in Rush Hour 2 in DTS and that just blew me away. I can’t believe what the system is able to do. DTS really bad that system shine. I can’t wait to get back home this weekend and watch some more movies. It is like I have a whole new movie collection to watch. A regular movie theatre has very little ability to compete with us now. Especially now that we moved the larger television upstairs and put all of the equipment together. I still need one more Marantz MA-500 monoblock to make the whole system match totally and we need some new wire to tie it all together. Those will be the first things and will have to hold us for a while. But soon, I will be getting the B+W ASW 300 subwoofer and then the system will make a dramatic leap forward again. But I think that everyone will be quite happy with the system as it is for a while. When we move out from the house that we are in currently, I will need to purchase another pair of B+W 303’s for the rear channel because Nate’s 302’s are being used there now but that is a ways off.

Leanne yelled at me for never being mentioned on the site so I will mention her now. In fact, she was the first one of our loyal readers to submit an entry for the “Name the Llama” contest. We have’t decided what the prize will be, maybe it will be a small Llama of your very own from Ten Thousand Villages in Ithaca. Leanne and her husband Scott have recently purchased a new home (it seems the thing to do recently, doesn’t it?) and apparently just started moving in. Scott and Leanne live back home in exciting Perry. I haven’t had a chance to see their new house yet, in fact, I haven’t managed to visit them for over a year! Maybe Leanne will write a “Letter to the Editor.”

So, on my way to DC yesterday I stopped (as I always do) at the book store and I picked up some books on making films. I got one book on film-making and one on screenwriting and one on Anime (not making it, just a commentary.) Loopy and I have been talking about making a movie for years so maybe we will actually get our butts into gear and actually do it. I’m sure we won’t but it would be cool. If we do it will probably just be short web films and we will post them on here for you:) Someday, hopefully.

You may have noticed that we removed the Opera button from our main page. This is because we are hoping to join Opera’s referal program so that SGL makes some money for people who purchase Opera. We don’t make money any other way so we thought that it would be a good idea. Not that anyone will buy it, but at least that way if someone does…

Eric is teaching himself HTML now. He is actually working on the Nicklin Associates corporate webpage which hopefully will be up soon. Maybe we can convince Eric to work on a section of SGL. It would be nice to have more than one person providing content on a regular basis. As it is, the site is getting to be a bit unwieldy for just me to manage. The new “Letter to the Editor” is posted, I actually did it earlier than the daily update so you may have seen it already. I am going through the seperate letters as well and updating them to match the rest of the site. Slowly the entire site is starting to look the same. The pages download a little bit faster too, when I update them, for those of you on dial up connections. It cuts 5-10% off of the download time normally.

So, did anyone else notice that Yahoo! changed their email page today for the first time ever. Wow does it surprise you!

Ok, I am calling it a day and updating a little bit early again. I will talk to everyone tomorrow.

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