July 26, 2002

Ok, so you all remember the story about Anne contacting a different Scott Alan Miller thinking that it might be me and me once getting contacted by a girl looking for that same Scott Alan Miller and then he and I talking… (what kind of sentence was that?) Well, as luck should have it, another Scott Alan Miller stopped by to read our little site here and dropped me a line. So now there are three of us. I think we should start a club or something. I already own ScottAlanMiller.com so I should but a link there to a gathering point for SAM’s everywhere. Maybe that is a bit too idealistic.

I decided that since I am always talking about stereos and audiophiles on here, I might as well make a resource page on here as well so that everyone can go there and find out what I am talking about. I pretty much took the day off yesterday so I had a chance to get down to it. In addition, I will have a list of all the audiophile and mid-high end theatre systems that the Llamas have. So, check out our Llama Audiophile Guide. Hope you enjoy it.

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