July 29, 2002

Ok, so I wrote the update for Friday and then I forgot to post it before I headed back to Ithaca so it just sat on the computer in Maryland until today. Sorry gang.

Today was a pretty busy day. I started working at Lifestyles this morning and then I had to get an oil change and get all backed for my stint in Maryland and North Carolina (starting today and for the next three weeks minimum.) About 4:30 this afternoon I managed to hit he road and I arrived in Annapolis just after 10:00 pm. I watched some “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and I am about to head to bed now.

I won an auction last night for the final fifth Marantz MA-500 monoblock that I needed to complete the power supply for my home theatre system. It should arrive sometime this week (in NY, where I am not 🙁 ) And Loopy will have to set it up and check it out for me. Maybe this will be my last raving about the new stereo system for some time. But probably not. 🙂

Not much to report today. John and I will be moving from the condo to the new house in two days. This week will be pretty busy. I expect to be able to keep the site up to date though. Have a good week.

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