July 30, 2002

It is another super hot day down here in Washington. John and I worked in at the hospital today. We had to interview new salespeople today. Dominica is having friends over from work to play Grand Theft Auto III on the surround sound system.

I have convinced Wilfort to go stereo shopping with me sometime this week. Oh is he in for it. Hee hee. Little does he know. He will be buying his own hifi system in a week or so.

In just a couple more weeks, I will have been eating vegetarian for a whole year now! It is hard to believe that it has been that long but I pretty much don’t even think about it anymore. And people have stopped pushing so much to only have meat available most of the time and now that Dominica has been a vegetarian for about six months, it has really gotten easy. Even Eric is pracitcally vegetarian now. I’m starting a trend.

Not much news to report from today so I am going to go ahead and post. I will be spending the evening working on my school work for the two online classes that I am taking.

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