July 4, 2002

Happy Independance Day!! Dominica went into the office with me today to help me work on our truck mounted system. We were very productive and the system might actually be ready to go. It is still so hot down here, it is late at night and the outside temperature is still in the nineties.

Instead of taking part of normal July Fourth festivities, Dominica decided that she wanted to order a pizza and watch The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. She has seen Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3) and wanted to see the movies that came before it. She is also a big fan of the new Spiderman film so it is a good time to have a little Sam Raimi festival. Until now, I had always thought of Evil Dead 2 being a rough remake of The Evil Dead but now that I watch them back to back for the first time, I can see that 2 simply restates the original film in the first five and a half minutes and then uses a single camera shot from the original film to take you right into the second film. The thing that makes it so confusing is that the telling of the original tale is just enough different from the way it was first told to make it hard to associate the two. Even the box description misses the story a bit. I am now convinced that I could edit the three ED movies together to make a single film about 4.5 hours in length that would, for the most part, contain the entire story and make sense. Ash would just age way too quickly and that would be a little weird. I think that it would be a lot of fun to watch The Complete Evil Dead as a single film. Maybe I should write a letter to Raimi about it:)

I am still working on that paper that I need to write for my Systems Analysis and Design class. That paper is going to take me forever. I have discovered how easy it can be to make outlines using OpenOffice.org. I never realized how intuitive it was. I always assumed that it was hard to do and never thought of doing it the easy way.

I finally managed to get to bed around 6:00 am this morning but by 8:00 am the phone was ringing with one thing after another so I quickly just gave up on being able to go back to sleep. I am pretty tired by now. After I eat dinner, I will probably be done for the night.

Around 2:00 am this morning, the bat that had decided to take up recidence in John’s room started flying the condo and disappeared shortly thereafter. So we have no idea whether or not the bat is still lurking aroun the condo or not. We have not seen any signs of him all day so we can only assume that he has left.

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