July 5, 2002

TGIF. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend of not writing any papers. And also of not needing to work on the truck mounted system. We just got the call from the office saying that the system was working at we had fixed it. That is a big relief. I am tired of problem cropping up with that system. John is happy with the system. Having the computer stolen earlier this week was a real setback but it did result in one big problem being solved so I am sort of happy about that. Of course, Eric is short a computer now and that doesn’t help anything. One thing at a time, I guess.

The weather has finally broken and it is now bearable to go outside. It is still early and it is really warm but it is comfortable and you don’t break out into a sweat just by looking out the window. The air conditioning still can’t keep up but it is a few degrees cooler now than it was last night. Down to a warm, but acceptable, room temperature.

John got his 35th Anniversary Camera SS Convertible out of storage yesterday and has been driving it around. His younger brother Adam was in town and hung out with us for a little while yesterday while we were out looking at John’s new house that he just bought down on the Chesapeake Bay. I am trying to talk him into getting a Conrad-Johnson stereo system with B+W 805 Monitors. I think that that would look and sound good in that house. Nothing like nice, warm tubes.

Dominica fell asleep while watching Evil Dead 2 last night so she is starting to watch it again this morning and is eating cold Dominos Pizza. We always order Domino’s Thin Crust with onion and green peppers and a side of the cinnamon sticks when we are down here.

My favorite line from ED2 is when Bruce Campbell sticks a knife through his own hand and says “That’s right, whose laughing now?” But it really doesn’t compare to some of the great lines that he delivers in ED3:AoD. The “Farewell to Arms” reference is pretty bad, look for it. Ok, Dominica loved ED 1 and 2 so much that she decided to move onto watching Army of Darkness as well. ED3 is definitely the best of the movies. Did anyone notice that Bridget Fonda is in ED3? Just for a minute. I hope that someday, Raimi will take the thee Evil Dead movies and edit them together with a new DTS sound track and make a single awesome movie. Without access to the original sound, it is hard to put them together because in ED3, Campbell talks over a bit of the movie. FYI: The actual title of ED3 is Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Darkness. They finally put that title on the latest DVD release of the movie.

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