July 6, 2002

We spent most of the day painting John’s new house on Deep Creek. After painting all day, John, Michelle, Dominica and I headed out to Copelands for dinner and then went to see Men in Black 2. MIB2 was pretty good but it was really short and it lacked a lot of the involving storyline from the first film. A lot of the plot explanation was breezed over and just commented on. I think that some more development there would have really made for a better film. Only one line of dialogue spoke to the fate of Linda Fiorintino’s character. I was hoping that she would have been a primary character in this one. Lara Flynn Boyle returned from obscurity to play the hot chic in this film. I don’t think that she has done anything good ever and nothing at all recently. The only big movies that I can mention her being in are Threesome with a bunch of other has-been’s or almost-were’s and The Temp starring Timothy Hutton. Who? Exactly. But I own both of them. Sad but true. At least Threesome had an interesting story line.

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