July 8, 2002

Monday. I am working out of the condo today. It is good to have a day to oneself. I was lucky enough to have “As Time Goes By” come on MPT at 2:30 pm. That is my favorite TV show ever.

Flag of BelgiumOur ever popular girl in Belgium returns home today. Anne has been away for so long that is just seems natural to have her living in Europe. Now we only have her for a couple of weeks before she is off to go to school in Wisconsin. What a change from Europe that will be.

I am writing today while waiting for an incredible long download to happen over AOL dial-up which is all I am to use here at the condo. Once we move to the house, we will have high-speed Verizon ADSL service with wireless access from all over the house. That will be such an improvement. I am downloading some tools that I need to do some work for my Systems Analysis and Design class. I have to make some diagrams and they are pretty hard to make if you don’t have the right tools. So, I am downloading some trials of some different tools that will get me through the class. I think that they are going to be fun to work with.

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