July 9, 2002

Tuesday. The week is creeping by. I am exhausted. I worked in DC all day today at the hospital. I had a fairly successful meeting with Providence Hospital but have a lot of follow up work to do because of that plus I still have a lot of class work that needs to be done. One of our servers (the one serving this web site, in fact) was hacked yesterday and I had to deal with that today. That added a lot of stress and didn’t help make for a fun day. I also had to work on that awful truck mounted scale today. I hate that thing so much. We finally made the decision to remove it from the truck today completely so that is the end of that. We had determined that we couldn’t make the scale work nor when it was working was it accurate. So that made the decision a bit easier.

Dominica found a white 1988 Mazda RX-7 Convertible on eBay. She is thinking that we should have another pair of matching cars. I am totally ok with idea of having another convertible around.

I am really looking forward to going home today. Just too much has been going on. The office is way to hot and the new office has been pushed off until July 15th.

Loopy emailed me to tell me that he finally got a nice Belkin KVM switch to allow him to really utilize his secondary computers. He had been using a crappy old cheap KVM before that really didn’t work very well and made his other machines not very useful. I hope that I can get a KVM soon.

Speaking of older computers. Nate is trying out Dominica’s older computer to see if he is interested in purchasing that from her. His current computer has been crashing on a regular basis. Dominica’s old computer will also be quite a bit faster than his current machine. He doesn’t really use his computer all that much but any computer that crashes on a regular basis is a pretty big pain.

The weather is finally in the 90’s here in DC. It has been so hot for the last week. The condo with the A/C running nonstop has only been able to stay down at 76 in the coolest part of the condo and maybe 85 in the main part of it. It is pretty hard to sleep there. I am missing my well cooled home in New York right about now.

In my “spare” time, I have been working on a “Intro to HTML” text to use with a class that I hope to be teaching soon. I will try to post a working copy of the text up here in the near future so that I can get some feedback from it. I taught a class more than a year ago when Loopy and I were working at CTG and I would really like to teach another one. I really enjoyed teaching the class that I did. It was a lot of fun. I am trying to convince Dominica to teach the class with me in a “tag team” kind of format.

Canadian FlagOver the weekend, we had a large amount of smoke here in the DC Metro area. In fact, it was so much smoke that smoke detectors were going off all over eastern Maryland. The sun was orange all day and the whole world smelled like smoke. It was really eerie. I don’t think that I have ever been somewhere with so much smoke. It turns out that the smoke was originating in Canada a few hours north of Montreal. The smoke was covering much of the Eastern US Seaboard. The newspaper here in the capital district had the front page headline this morning “Blame Canada!” I thought that it was appropriate to mention this on the website. Everyone sing along… “Blame Canada, blame Canada… its not a real country anyway.” Hee hee. Apparently, people were calling the Maryland fire departments and asking if they could put out the fire or do something to suppress the smoke. As you can tell, the population of Maryland is not the brightest population in the world. The fire departments here were getting in excess of forty calls per hour about the smoke. They finally had to put out an emergency message on cable to let everyone know what was going on. It is really amazing how much smoke that forest fire was able to produce.

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