August 11, 2002

Dominica headed back to Ithaca this afternoon. We didn’t do much today either. We did some more shopping getting things that we need for the house down here. John has been working on putting a new roof on the garage and I am working on putting up some new blinds in my bedroom and catching up on homework. We installed a new cat door in the back of the house but the cats are having a hard time figureing out how to use it. Mickey is back in now but I had to bring him in. Nila is still MIA.

More news tomorrow. We have AOL Dial Up AND Verizon ADSL now at the house in Annapolis. Tomorrow I hope to be able to get and install the wireless ethernet system for the house so that this will be really useful. I will try to have a big update tomorrow. It is so nice to finally have high speed access available here. I will now be able to get so much work done and there should be more and bigger updates coming soon. SGL will be my only means of keeping everyone up to date on my goings on now that I am going to be away so much of the time.

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