August 10, 2002

Today was our day to recover from vacation. Dominica and I drove to Annapolis from Topsail Island last night to keep from having to drive during the heat of the day with all of the vacationer’s traffic. The trip took less than six hours on mostly deserted roads.

Our project today was to sleep late and make a table top water fountain because I have always wanted one. So we spent a large amount of the day driving around to stores everywhere trying to find the parts that we needed to make a small fountain. It ended up taking an astronomic amount of time and effort but we finally had everything that we needed to build a basic starter fountain. Now we know where we are able to get the parts that we need so the next one will be a lot easier to do, I am sure. It was fun, though, and it works. It is right next to my computer now.

Dominica brought my little Aiwa stereo down here so that we would have something to listen to in this house. Until now there has been nothing at all. We don’t have many CD’s here. Mostly what is here is my Ken Burns Jazz Collection that I have just started building so there are only about three discs. Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong. I think the neighbors think that we are pretty weird.

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