August 15, 2002

The Ides of August. Well, the favicon that I tried out worked well on my Mozilla browser and ok on Internet Explorer. I have not totally learned how to implement them, I guess, so I will have to look into it a little bit more thoroughly. Yesterday’s update alone was 8KB! That is huge. But, I am guessing that anyone who read it noticed how long it was. What can I say, it was an interesting day.

AOL today has a Hip Hop name generator that takes your real name and translates it into a ebonic musical name. I did it for a couple of people that I know. Here are the results… I am “The Diggity Young’n” unless you add my middle name then you get “The Flossin’ Dawg”. Dominica is “The Tricky Ice”, Loopy is “The Young Scratch”, Nate is “The Diggity MC”, Bob is “The Def Scratch”, Zach is “The Baby Dawg”, Eric is “The Freaky MC”, Francesca (whom I know will read the site) is “The Blingin’ Ice”, Natalie is “The Undefined Mack” and lastly, Josh is (after using his full name) “The Stanky Daddy.” I managed to save the best for last and I didn’t even try. Maybe The Stanky Daddy will read the site while he and Montana Bob are teaching band camp (yup, really) and give me a call.

Not much to report today. Slight change of plans and I have to be to the airport in Crystal City, Virginia at 8:30 in the morning to get John from the airport. That is really early considering that I will have to drive eighty miles or so in heavy rush hour through all of Maryland and DC and some of Virginia to get to Reagan National. It is going to be a long drive in the morning. And Crystal City isn’t the easiest place to get around in either.

I heard a really cool rendition of Bryan Adams’ Heaven on the radio today and I spent an hour at Borders in Bowie tracking it down. I also managed to find two computer books for $1 each which is pretty amazing. Both books retail at $40.

I did more work on Ithaca Portal today and for those of you who use it regularly should notice that it looks a little bit different and the font sizes now match on Opera, IE and Mozilla. Mozilla was really small before. We have really been trying to get Ithaca Portal up to speed before next week when all of the students return to Ithaca.

I will be driving to Ithaca tomorrow (Friday) night and will be going to Geneseo to a friend of Min’s’ wedding on Saturday. Min and I will be spending Saturday and Sunday at my parents’ house dog sitting Dominica’s parents’ dog Dexter. Isn’t that complicated? I will then be home in Ithaca Monday through Wednesday (this is all very tentative) and then returning to Annapolis on Thursday morning to complete the office move. It would be much better for me if I could come down to DC on Monday and do the move then because TEKsystems wants me to be a team lead on a project in Endicott over the weekend and it will overlap times if I can’t move the move. Oh boy, what a day. Oh yeah, a rock hit John’s windshield and cracked it too!

I have been doing a ton of work everyday and am not even close to getting caught up. We now have another web site being hosted on our server, that I have to get set up tomorrow as well. Eric has been working on something for the new site but he is on vacation until Monday so he won’t be of any help. This week is just too busy. And on top of it all, someone has to be at the house to let Mickey in and out on a regular basis because he is still unable to use the cat door without someone holding it open for him. He won’t even push on it. I can’t figure out if he is just so weak that he can’t use it or if he is just too dumb to use it. He is the weakest and the dumbest cat I have ever known so it is hard to say for sure. Nila thinks he is a wimp.

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