August 16, 2002

TGIF 🙂 Today was a very long day. I started the day by getting my butt out of bed incredibly early and driving from Annapolis, MD to Crystal City, VA in order to get John from Reagen National Airport. Then we drove to DC and worked for a while before driving back out to Annapolis. From Annapolis, I headed for Ithaca. Four hours of driving in the morning. Then six back to Ithaca. As soon as I arrived in Ithaca, I ran downstairs to see the new projector for a second – it is AWESOME! And then I grabbed Dominica and Dexter and headed for my parents’ house where Min and I will be dog sitting this weekend. Two more hours of driving out to Perry. That is twelve hours total driving today. Pretty crazy for not really getting anywhere.

To add to my wonderful day, I accidentally placed three laserdiscs on the top of my car as I went to head out to my parents’ house and forgot about them and they blew away at some point down the road. I lost Anne of Green Gables that was going to my parents and LA Confidential and Army of Darkness that were going to Josh. What a day.

On the way to my parents’ house (but after the LDs flew away) Min and I stopped at Taco Bell in Ithaca to grab a quick dinner before it got too late. Min tripped as she got out of the car and twisted her ankle pretty bad. So we had to ice it all the way to my folks’ house.

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