August 19, 2002

Today I am being lazy and avoiding the world. After the last few weeks of being so busy, I am enjoying having a day off. I putzed around the house most of the day and watched movies once it got dark enough out.

Loopy returned home from Burlington this afternoon. After he got home, Min, Loop and I headed down to the theatre room and watched Thoroughly Modern Millie and MASH (that I finally got back from Natalie thanks to Loopy.) It is so nice to have an amazing theatre like this. I know that I keep raving about it but it is really exciting. You all have to get over here and watch some movies with us.

When I first got down to the theatre this afternoon I immediately fired up the stereo to test out the sound in the room. It didn’t sound very good so I took a look around and noticed that the left and right channels of the stereo were backwards and the left channel’s speaker wire was inverted which was causing a totally reversed and conflicting image that sounded pretty awful. I got that corrected right away.

My new Marantz MA-500 Monoblock arrived on Saturday and I finally got to open it today. Of course, like the rest of my week wouldn’t have prepared me for this, the packaging of the unit was punctured by some large metal object and the amp was partially crushed under the pressure. I decided to try my luck with it anyway and the unit is fine. Only cosmetic damage (which still sucks but we think that we might be able to fix that as well.) I hooked up the last two Monos and pulled Nate’s amp out of the system. We now have a total of 625 THX certified watts of power flowing into our little theatre and the sound matches really well. It is totally awesome. The new amps also eliminate the huge explosive pops that have been occurring whenever the preamp changes modes. Loopy and I think that this is because the Monos have clipping cut out circuits that protect the amps. However it works, the system sounds better than ever.

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