August 20, 2002

Happy Birthday to Joe Tocco! He is 17 today. We are expecting him and his band, Unlisted Side Effects to be playing at open mic night down at the Nines this Sunday night so come out and hear him if you get the chance.

Today I got up early and drove out to Batavia to meet Eric for a meeting at United Memorial Medical Center there. The meeting went well and we think that they are impressed. Unfortunately, their volumes are just way to low for us to be able to do much for them.

I got home to find that Loopy had gotten a new cable for the projector that allows him to hook up his line double to it giving us an incredible picture compared to a straight DVD player. A standard DVD player produces output of approximately 480 lines and we now are viewing 768 lines. So for all of you who have never gotten the chance to watch DVDs and LDs line doubled and on a 120″ screen – ha ha. I am writing this while sitting on the couch in the den as Loopy carefully adjusts the projector while Dominica is out partying with friends from work.

Loopy and I took a job this coming weekend working at Gentiva in Endicott. If you look through the archives, you can probably find when we worked there last. This time, I get to be in charge of the project. I have to go down and work there on Thursday night for a few hours and then Loopy and I will be there full shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will make for a long weekend but weekend money is always helpful and it cuts the least into the normal business week. And another line for the resume never hurts either. It will be nice to have a Team Lead position on there for this kind of work. I am always looking for this kind of stuff.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Dominica’s birthday and she will kill you all if you don’t remember. She tried to convince me to let her open her present last night but I am not so weak. She will have to wait till tomorrow like anyone else.

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