August 25, 2002

Two new movies added to the collection… The Majestic with Jim Carrey and Behind Enemy Lines with Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman. I have been wanting The Majestic for quite a while. We (Loopy, Dominica, Zach, Heather and I) sat down and watched Behind Enemy Lines in our new theatre last night. Loopy pointed out that it was the first time that we ever watched a movie in there that we had never seen before so it was really like trying out a movie theatre to see if the effect was the same. I am pretty sure that everyone thought that it was much better at our place. The movie was much better than we had thought that it was probably going to be. The picture and the sound were awesome and the movie was very entertaining. You will likely see us showing off the system with this movie in the near future.

Loopy has become the eBay Master recently as he has managed to move quite a bit of his old stereo system at some pretty good prices. In fact, he has managed to get almost as much for his old Paradigm Monitor 7’s as you would spend on a new pair of the newer model. Since he is having such good luck, I am planning on having him attempt to sell my old SSi-720 Dolby Pro-Logic Decoder. Maybe I can get $50 for it. That would be really nice.

Min is spending the day today watching movies. The new theatre has turned the old unused den into the centre of the house. Today she has watched Dungeons and Dragons and If Lucy Fell, which is one of my weird, unheard of movies on Laserdisc.

I picked up some new movies again today. I got Drop Dead Gorgeous, Pulp Fiction:Collector’s Edition and The Accidental Spy, which is the new Jackie Chan movie that he made in Hong Kong between Shanghai Noon, Rush Hour 2 and Shanghai Knights that is due out later this year. I also got the CD of Avril Lavigne at Best Buy because I wanted to get the song “Sk8er Boi” that I had heard on the radio one day. The CD isn’t too bad. That is 502 movies now! I am actually listening to a CD on my Windows 2000 Pro machine in my office. I think this may be only the second time I have ever done that. It actually sounds pretty decent on the headphones. I have a nice SoundBlaster Live! X-Gamer card in there. My Linux Box has an Audigy. I placed an order with Microsoft to get the Customer Preview copy of .Net Server that is due out next year. I should have it in just a few days. I figure that that will be a little bit of fun to play with.

Tonight we all (Loopy, Zach, Min and I) watched the newest Jackie Chan movie, The Accidental Spy, it isn’t one of his most classic but it is ok. Definitely entertaining. It does have a really funny fight seen in it. Min was dying.

Min picked up the book “Lamb” at Borders that she has been looking for for quite a while now. She is reading that while I am working in the office and I can hear her laughing and laughing.

In computer news that is important to many of our readers… Microsoft has released SP3 for Windows 2000. We have already updated a number of computers here so go check it out. The new movie maker is available for Windows XP.

Dominica spent yesterday with her family celebrating her and Joe’s brithday’s in Frankfort. Min got some money for her birthday and today she is going shopping for a new, shiny Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 to play with (she wants to be cool like Loopy and I.) It is extra cool to have a PDA here because we have wireless support in the house. While she was in Herkimer yesterday, Min also bought a Spongebob Squarepants Snow Cone Maker! We are all very excited about that.

In case anyone thinks I have a virus, I don’t. I really did send out a mass forward today. Go ahead and open it. It is safe.

Only a few more days before we decide on the official name of the Llama. Names have been pooring in so get your in now if you want to be considered.

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