August 26, 2002

I got up at 3:45 this morning and hit the road to DC. Today was the planned big server move. I arrived in DC around 10am and we immediately began work on being able to move the servers to our new office at Washington Hospital Center. It took some doing but we were actually able to do it today. Some of you might have noticed some downtime with this or one of our other sites. We were down for a couple of hours during the move. The move will help move us into a position where we will be able to expand our performance in the future. For example, we are now considering a much faster communications line there and a new web server for SGL. As soon as the move was completed, I headed back to Ithaca. I was driving for twelve hours today. I am really tired.

Min is very excited because she finished knitting her first sock yesterday. She made me wear it around. She is working on a matching one now. She also wanted me to let everyone who got “the email” from me that they shouldn’t feel bad for their reactions because she was at work when she read it and she screamed so loud that like fifty people were like “Are you okay?” She managed to scare some of the people in her office.

For some odd reason, I wrote the update yesterday but forgot to post it. Sorry for the delay, here it is.

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