August 4, 2002

Well, we made it to Topsail Island ok. It takes about six hours to get down here from Annapolis. We took off around noon and stopped for dinner so it took us a little while to make it down. It is much cooler here than it is in Maryland – the ocean wind is really helping.

Nate and Bob are working on their new web site which will be at Hopefully it will be up early next week.

Dominica has developed an allergic reaction to her antibiotic and has developed a rash and has to take some more medication to treat it. She will probably end up sleeping a good deal of the time that we are down here because of the medicine.

Racing Beat in Annaheim, Cailfornia has finally released the exhaust kit and spring kits for the Protege5. The exhaust kit is expected to add approximately 4.5hp of power and give the car a lower growl. The spring lower the car by .75″. It would be nice to be able to get a little bit more out of the car. The exhaust kit would give the PR5 the same hp rating as the 1988 RX-7. I am hoping to be able to find a computer upgrade kit for the PR5. That is where the biggest difference in performance comes in.

I still haven’t been able to get onto the other computer to get the update that is missing the other day. It will be at very least a week until that update will be able to go up since I am not anywhere near that computer anymore.

I found a B+W dealer in the area in Wilmington, NC – not far from here. I think that Dominica and I will head there tomorrow morning to see what they have. This will be Min’s second trip ever to a hi-fi shop.

Loopy hopped in the Loopymobile and headed off to North Bay yesterday to go visit Miranda. He was supposed to be finished working with Cornell University this week so I expect that he does not have to be back on Monday (tomorrow.) While being out of work is always stressful, I am sure that he will appreciate his upcoming vacation. He has been working at Cornell for a long time now. This is one of his longest runs he has had at work for some time. Actually, off the top of my head, I think that this might be his second longest contract job ever.

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