August 5, 2002

Day two of vacationing in North Carolina. This is my first real vacation in as long as I can remember. I can’t remember being away during the week for the longest time. It seems pretty weird.

Dominica’s brother’s band has finally got an EP done in the studio and will have the finished CDs available in the near future. They managed to get five songs done in the studio. We got to hear a CD-ROM copy that they have now. They are really good. We were really impressed.

We have been having heavy rain on and off. Everyone keeps heading out for the beach and then getting driven right back again.

Dominica’s hives are dramatically worse today. She is in really bad shape. We managed to get a hold of her doctor and the pharmacist today and she is on steroids now trying to control the situation. She is feeling really bad and is unable to do anything during her vacation.

After six months of not having his cell phone work, Eric finally got a new cell today. He is very excited. He now has voice mail as well.

Hopefully Min will be feeling better soon so that we can get out of the cottage and go do something. I want to get out to Wilmington and check out the hifi store there.

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