August 7, 2002

Day four on Topsail Island. Dominica is feeling much better today. She still has hives but the swelling has gone down and she thinks that she will be able to do things today. We going to go to Audio Labs in Wilmington, NC to check out what they have.

Last night we watched Shallow Hal. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought that it would be. It was less funny and more cute than I expected. It wasn’t bad. Nothing outrageously exciting, but entertaining. Francesca loves it. She said that it is one of her all time favorite movies.

Tonight, Min and I went out to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was recommended to us by the owners of the Audio Lab in Wilmington. They said that it was really funny and they were right. We laughed so hard right there in the theatre and for an hour afterwards. We thought that it was exceptionally funny because the movie applied so much to us. It is a great family movie too!

Dominica and I took her cousin Rob to the Audio Lab in Wilmington, NC. He got a chance to listen to B+Ws, Innersound and Pinnacle speakers as well as some Conrad-Johnson and Rotel amps and equipment. He was very impressed. We were hoping that we would manage to spark his interest. Obviously we did. He left the Audio Lab with a pair of B+W 602 S3’s and stands. When he gets back to Phoenix he is going to be relistening to his entire CD collection. He is currently using a Yamaha receiver which he will be keeping for now and a mix of Bose and Infinity speakers.

On the way home from the Audio Lab, I got the pangs of the disentary that has been going around. We are pretty sure that we are getting it from the water. I spent the rest of the day being incredibly sick.

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