August 6, 2002

Day three on Topsail Island. This is really a long vacation for Dominica. I really wish that we had something better than a bad dial-up connection. It would be so much nicer here if there was someway to get online quickly. When I connect and try to look at Sheep Guarding Llama, it takes forever to load. I need to reduce the size of the site, I guess. I am spending some of my time down here working on a guide teaching HTML and XHTML. We are using a walkie talkie (a Motorola Walkabout) to communicate between the people at the beach and the people in the cottage. It is pretty funny. It is handy though. Otherwise once people head out to the beach, they are unreachable.

Last night, contrary to Loopy’s suggestions, we watched The Time Machine. It wasn’t as bad as Loopy had said but it wasn’t very good. The story really didn’t go anywhere and all of the “technical” stuff that they said didn’t make any sense. The effects weren’t too bad but they sure don’t make a movie. And it seemed really short. There was very little to the movie in general. It was more like an ABC Sunday Night special than it was a full blown Hollywood movie.

I am getting exhausted from lack of movement. I need to get out and do something. I have become too sedentary. I hope to make it out and do some bicycling today.

I forgot to mention that the other night I made it out with John, Rob and Trish to go so some karaoke at the Broadneck Elk’s Club in Annapolis. We were there for a long time on Friday night while we were waiting for Dominica to make it down from New York. She ended up taking a wrong turn and heading out to DC on i95 instead of coming straight down to Annapolis on i97. So we got an extra hour and managed to stay for the entire time that they were doing karaoke. Nate would have loved it. It was a small crowd but we had a really good time. I sang songs like Texas Tattoo (Gibson Miller Band), Tequila Talkin’ (Lonestar), Strong Enough (Blackhawk), Yes (Chad Brock) and I Wanna Talk About Me (Toby Keith.) Then the guy doing the karaoke asked me to also sing two duets with him (one of them was It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy and I can’t remember what the other one was) and he asked me to sing If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body by the Bellamy Brothers. I also sang Pirate at 40 with Rob and John. John and I never heard the song before. It was John’s first time ever doing karaoke. I also did a quintet of some song that I don’t remember. It was a lot of fun.

I am working on school work today. I have a ton of back work that needs to be done.

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