August 9, 2002

Day Six, our last day on Topsail Island. Dominica and I had to run up to Wilmington this morning to Western Union some rent money to Loopy. When we got back, we managed to head out to the beach for the first time since we made it down here. Between the two of us being sick and needing to run errands and going to see the USS North Carolina, we haven’t been able to get out there at all. It was cooler the last two days so the beach was nicer today as well. Everyone went out for dinner tonight for our last night on the island. Everyone else is getting up at 3am or so and heading out in the morning. It sure will be nice to be home at the same time that everyone else is pulling themselves out of bed!

By the time it was all said and done, everyone got the disentary except for Dominica who was on antibiotics that probably saved her. Rob is the only one who is still sick. Even the dog, Dexter, got it a little bit at the end.

Min and I did discover a nice, quaint North Carolina wine while we were down. Duplin Vineyards just north of Topsail Island. The wine is very sweet and is good for beginners but it wasn’t bad and we had two bottles during the vacation. We were hoping that we would have the opportunity to tour the winery before we left but we would have had to stay on Saturday for an extra half a day after everyone else had left to be able to do it so we decided to head back early rather than late since we wouldn’t have had any place to park the car or stay until we were ready to leave.

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