September 16, 2002

I actually got some excercise and walked down to Lifestyle Properties today. It was a nice day so I decided that it would be good for me. I had to send a fax out and they have the nearest fax machine. On my way back I made a sad discovery. On the side of the road I spotted a faded picture of Kevin Spacey from the movie LA Confidential. It was leaning against an abandoned house. Then I noticed that there was a laserdisc sitting with it. Then I realized what I was looking at. It was my three laserdiscs that blew off my car a month ago. They were all leaning up against this old abandoned house with a No Trespassing sign in front of them. They had obviously been run over by a car at some point and then sat on the side of the road in the wind and sun and rain. Now, they are barely recognizable. If they hadn’t been driven over, the discs probably would have been fine. But they are worthless now. It was really sad.

Dominica wants me to hook up the Commodore 64c that I have so that she can play some old school video games on it. Loopy and I hooked it up in the old house at one point but that was a long time ago. Loopy is all excited about programming for it now. It is a nostalgic thing for programmers to have made software for the C64. I don’t have all of the hook-ups for the old Commodore anymore though. So, at some point I am going to need to run down to Radio Shack and get some parts to do that.

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