September 17, 2002

I am still not in DC. They just aren’t going to get that line put in down there. I can’t believe how much it takes to get the hospital to do anything.

Eric came up today after working in Elmira and he, Min and I went out to lunch at the State Street Diner with Jessica who is the new assistant scientist at Advion with Dominica. It turns out that Jess is a vegetarian too! How cool. We are slowly getting to know a lot of vegetarians in the area.

Loopy’s water cooling system for his computer finally arrived today and he has been hard at work getting that installed in his computer. It is quite the excercise trying to get that done. There is a lot of work involved. Hopefully it won’t spring a leak and spray water all over the inside of his new computer. That would be bad.

Man do I get a lot of SPAM! Tonight, I went out to dinner and got 27 SPAM messages during the time that I was gone. How awful is that. They say that one of the writers at Network Magazine gets just over 100 a day but I think that I am up in that category. If I don’t check my mail for a day, my mail box is full of crap. My Sheep Guarding Llama account gets very little but there is still some. My Yahoo! account gets most of it and that account manages to catch most of it and send it to a spam folder so I never see the bulk of it. What a pain though. Someday these companies are going to learn that they just end up getting blocked by corporate email servers and then they won’t have a way to do business with their potential customers even if those customers wanted to contact them.

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