September 20, 2002

Ah, Friday. What a great day. I am still working in Ithaca today. Boy has it been a weird and busy week.

Tim came out to lunch with Dominica and I to the Little Thai House over on Triphammer next to the mall. We have been really happy with their food. They were really excited (the owners of the restaurants) about me little yellow Mazda and they were asking how much it was and what year it was, etc. That was pretty funny.

Shortly after lunch, Dominica threw her back out at work and had to leave early. We had been planning on going down to the Clemens Center in Elmira to see Rebecca St. James’ Concert. Dominica won’t be going anywhere for the next couple of days though. We had a busy weekend planned too. We were having lunch with my parents and grandparents, then going to my cousin’s birthday party then going to hang with Josh, Joanna, Phil, Kate and some other people at Josh’s new place. Then we were going to go to the Hemlock Sheep and Wool festival on Sunday before heading back down to Ithaca. We are hoping that Min’s back will be good enough by Sunday to still make the festival but that is very unlikely. She will likely not be able to go to work on Monday.

Loopy has been working on his own video game. He has some cool animations done already. I can’t wait to be able to see some of the game. It is going to be really funny.

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