September 19, 2002

I need to stop writing daily updates and then forgetting that I wrote them and not posting them. The September 18 update sat on my computer for two days before I got around to actually putting it up.

Loopy and I are both trying out a software package called AGS (Adventure Game Studio) to make video games in the style of the old King’s Quest games from Sierra in the 80’s. The studio is really easy to use and we are actually getting some things done. I will make the games downloadable from the site once we get them done. They will just be simple silly things since this is our first time trying to make games like this.

Loopy and I hooked up the Commodore 64C in the dining room to Zach old 13″ RCA television that has been sitting down there on the computer desk. It is really funny because it really looks just like it would have if you would have walked into someone’s house in 1985 and saw a Commie computer really hooked up. It is really cool.

Loopy and I ran up to Syracuse this afternoon so that he could pick up a part for his computer’s water cooling system. He has finally managed to get the system to work pretty well. It is a lot more quiet than it was before and it is a little bit cooler.

Dominica’s new friend Jessica from Advion came over after work this evening and we watched O, the modern version of Shakespeare’s Othello. It was pretty good. I really liked it. The DVD wasn’t in the best of condition, which sucks. But it played all of the way through so it wasn’t the end of the world or anything.

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