September 22, 2002

Min’s back is still bad today. She thought that she was going to be good enough to go to the Sheep and Wool festival and we tried to go but we only made it to Triphammer before she realized that she was in too much pain to be able to go so we just stopped at Collegetown Bagels and got some breakfast before heading back. Now she is back in her lazyboy knitting. It is probably best that we didn’t go to the show since she would have spent outrageous amounts of money on yarn that she doesn’t need (she has only finished a scarf for her and one for La Mutt – her stuffed dog.) She currently has more yarn than she knows what do to with.

I am reading the book “Absolute BSD” from No Starch Press in preperation for our migrating our web server from IIS on Windows NT to Apache on FreeBSD. I am hoping to be able to migrate shortly after FreeBSD 4.7 is released next week. (FreeBSD is currently on 4.6.2 – FreeBSD is the operating system beneath Mac OS X.) Once we migrate, we are hoping to see an increase in response time from the server as well as having a much easier time of updating the many web sites that are active on the server.

I did some maintenance work on SGL today. The huge August Dailies have been moved over to the Archives and the Archives have been split into Quarterly Groupings instead of annual ones because this year was already becoming completely unwieldy for slower computers and slower Internet connections. The new format should be considerably easier to use. The archives for Quarter 3 of 2002 (which only currently include July and August since we are still in September) is already the biggest quarter – equal in size to all of 2001!

Little Wisconsin Flag I am running a little behind but two additional Anne Updates are posted. Anne is no longer touring around Europe but has returned to Ithaca and then moved on out to go to college in beautiful, sunny Wisconsin. You will also notice that Anne is now being represented by a Wisconsin flag instead of a Belgian one. I know it is hard to tell that it is a Wisconsin flag but believe me, it really is one.

I did some calculations last night and discovered that with the current number of songs that I have put into my Ogg Vorbis radio system on Linux – I can listen to music without a single repeat for five and a half days! And that is considering me staying awake and listening to music all of that time.

Dominica has spent most of the day napping. Hopefully the rest will help her back. Loopy decided to try another air cooling fan for his computer instead of the water cooling system and is getting better results with it. So much for cool water cooling. Loopy and I had a bunch of stuff sell on eBay yesterday. He sold his new, high refresh monitor, I sold my SSi-720 Surround Decoder. I am going to miss it. We sold some random stuff as well – including the scanner that we bought years ago and only works with Windows 98 (ha ha, when is the last time I owned a system that ran that?)

Nate returned from Perry around 3:30. He has been gone all day.

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