September 23, 2002

Min’s back is still hurting and she couldn’t go to work today. She spent the day playing video games, knitting and watching movies. She played Age of Empires 2 (Eric would be proud) and King’s Quest I VGA from Tierra (check out our links page.)

Loopy and I headed out to do some shopping today in the midst of his hectic schedule of packing up things that sold on eBay over the weekend. We stopped by Borders and picked up a couple of books at the latest issue of Life in the Finger Lakes.

I did some additional work on the site today and the Links page has been drastically updated. In addition to updating the page, SGL has also partnered with to help promote their web browser. If you are interested in trying out the fastest web browser around (especially nice if you are a dial-up surfer) then go to our links page and download Opera for free. The free version has some ads but you can purchase Opera at any time and the ads will go away making your browser even faster and giving you more screen real estate.

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