September 29, 2002

I slept in pretty late today (for obvious reasons.) Today is a relaxing day. No guests (as far as I know.) Dominica made lunch for Loopy and I and then we went out to Borders and Tops to get a few things. I picked up a book on Flash MX so that I could start playing around with that new software. While we were there I found some books on maps of the ancient world so I had to get those too. Many of you know that I am an ancient history buff.

Very little happened today. I am writing today’s update while I am busy printing out the crap loads of information pertaining to the job that I am scheduled to do tomorrow. I am working in Senator Shumer’s office in Binghamton. It is going to be a really long day – I am sure. Altogether, I have about 200 pages of paperwork to deal with for working on two computers tomorrow. I just know that it is really going to suck. But, at least the money is good for once and it is only for a day. And the biggest deal is that I get to work for the US Senate which whill most likely look pretty decent on my resume. After this, I will have a number of pretty good names on my resume like HP, Compaq, IBM, US Senate and the US Department of Defense. Sooner or later, all of this experience is bound to get me a good job.

Today, I went to scan something for Loopy on my scanner and it dies. I am not impressed by the life span of this HP Scanner. I have had both an HP Scanner and a printer die long before their times. HP doesn’t really put much effort into building their products to last, it doesn’t seem. They are nice products the first time you use them but I have only ever scanned a maximum of 50 pictures on this scanner. That isn’t very impressive even when you consider the good price I got it for. In fact, it is downright pathetic.

Dominica is knitting a new sweater now. It is coming along pretty quickly.

I am way behind on keeping the site up to date with things that people send me but at least I got one more page added to the funnies today. I will be slowly updating all of the funny stuff to the new look for the site. It will take a long time though so hang on. Not that everyone hasn’t read that stuff already but for the new comers to the site…

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