September 28, 2002

We all slept in really late this morning. Eric, Amanda, Loopy and I all stayed up until 2:00 in the morning drinking. That may not sound so late to you youngsters but some of us are getting older and we are built for this anymore. We all got up around noon and decided to head out for some brunch (nothing as much fun as eating in Ithaca!)

Loopy was in pretty rough shape this morning – in fact he was still in pretty rough shape in the afternoon. He is definitely not able to drink the way that he used to! He only had six drinks and he was gone. Eric was pretty funny as well.

First thing this morning, Min, Eric, Amanda and I ran down to Bistro Q and had some brunch. They have a really amazing brunch there. Eric and Min had the Huevos Rancheros, Amanda had the eggs benedict and I had the eggs florentine. It was all delicious. After brunch we all went yarn shopping up on East Hill and then took off to hit the Cayuga Lake East Wine Trail. There are only three wineries on the east side of Cayuga so it is perfect for going out later in the afternoon. We started at Six Mile Creek because they are right in Ithaca. This was Eric and Amanda’s first time at a winery. After Six Mile Creek we headed out to Treleaven Winery in King Ferry. Treleaven was awesome and Amanda and Min started getting a little giggly. Eric and Amanda like sweeter (especially not oaky) wines and Treleaven had more to their liking. After Treleaven we headed to Aurora to Long Point Winery. Long Point was Min and my favorite. They had so much good stuff – we had a terrible time deciding what we wanted. Min and I ended up buying a case of wine (total from all three wineries) and Eric and Amanda bought almost a half a case.

After the wine tour we returned to the llama house and ordered some pizza from the Nines (we tried to order from Mama Theresa’s but they were being difficult.) This weekend is homecoming so town is a little bit busy. The pizza arrived a couple of hours later and a bunch of Dominica’s friends from work came over to hang out. Jessica, Gibran, Jamie and Dave all came over. So, we tore through about six or seven bottles of wine while they were all here. Loopy declined to have anything to drink, however.

We ended up staying up pretty late – I don’t think that I got to bed until 4:00am! Eric and Amanda are heading back to Groveland early in the morning because Amanda has homework that she needs to get done for Monday.

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