September 7, 2002

This morning Dominica made me go shopping for yarn. She has really gotten into knitting recently. We had breakfast at State Street Dinner – garbage plates. Dominica has been spending most of the day knitting and napping. I am buiding a Celeron 333 Windows 98SE machine for a friend of ours, Tricia. Loopy has donated a computer and monitor to her and I am busy getting the machine together. There are so many spare computers in this house, Loopy and I are frantically clearing them out so that we have a bit more room around here. Loopy had five extra computers in his room two days ago. Bob bought the Pentium III 500 off of him and is using that in the basement now. Bob needed another machine because a tech who worked for the school vandalized his PPro200 machine at school. So Bob is going to take his Celeron 433 machine to school once he gets the new one up and running. I bought the Pentium III 600 off of Loopy to use as a server in Washington (so it is leaving the house.) Loopy also had an old Pentium 200 MMX that we couldn’t figure out what to do with so I am making that into a simple Waste Watcher Reporting station to be used in Anderson, SC. So that will be out of the house soon as well. The Celeron 333 I already mentioned. The last machine was a Celeron 500 Compaq iPaq unit that belows to the company and is being prepared to be returned to Washington to be installed somewhere. I had an IBM Intellistation PIII 600 that Loopy is putting up on eBay for me because I just haven’t been using it. I bought it thinking that I would need another machine but the reality is that now I don’t use the huge number of multiple machines like I used to (the highest I ever got was 40 computers!) and if I don’t use them right away, they get old quickly. So I am selling it. Brand new, even. I have a Pentium III 500 in the garage that I finally got around to canibalizing today. Hopefully it won’t be around for too much longer. I need its processor in DC. I also have a couple of older machines in the garage that I keep stumbling across and wondering what to do with. I think that I am going to either find someone who wants them or toss them. Two might be useful and I am pretty sure that one of them is useless. Eric and I are collecting older computers to ship to needy hospitals.

Nate is out today. He left yesterday to go to his sister Rachel’s wedding back home. Bob and Zach are around but we have barely heard a peep out of them all day. Michelle was in town today for a violin lesson and she stopped by for a little while.

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