September 8, 2002

Min and I went out for brunch at Rogue’s Harbor today, out in Lansing. After that, the day was pretty slow. Min spent most of the day knitting and then she tried playing the Sims because I had worked on her computer and we hoped that it would be working by now. I spent the whole day setting up more computers for work and getting things ready to go down to Maryland with me. Loopy spent the day getting about twenty items ready to go up on eBay. We are selling everything from uneeded stereo components to computers to video games to laserdiscs. Everything must go! I hope that we can get it down to just the things that we really use. It will make moving a lot easier. And we have to move in just 9-10 months. Where to is anyone’s guess. Hopefully a brand new house of our own right here in Ithaca.

Loopy, Bob and I played Quake II for the first time in forever tonight. I was awful. Min is playing the Sims because the Sims Unleashed is just out and she wants to be sure that her computer is working ok before she buys it. The Sims Online is due out very soon as well.

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