October 11, 2002: Dan’s Wedding Rehearsal

I spent some time on the phone with Time-Warner again today and finally got them to agree to come out (and I made them promise to call this time to be sure that they couldn’t say that we weren’t home again) and so they scheduled a visit for tomorrow. Of course, I can’t be here tomorrow so Loopy is going to have to get up early to deal with them.

The guys (Nate, Bob and Zach) all took off today and I have no idea where they have gone. They all have Monday off (Columbus Day, the world’s dumbest holiday) and so have probably gone to visit people for the weekend. Nate is probably in Perry and Bob is probably in Long Island. Zach could be anywhere – but wherever he is, he doesn’t have his car. It is still here.

I had to drive out to Herkimer today to practice for Captain Dan (Waltermire)’s wedding. He is getting married tomorrow at the Reform Church in Herkimer and I am playing in the trombone choir for his wedding. Dan and I spent some time going to school at Roberts Wesleyan together back in ’95 – ’96 (along with Joe Howlett and Bob Crissman – aka Montana Bob.) We all played in the Roberts Concert Band together (that was the only class that I took there.) Bob isn’t playing at the wedding because he is in the wedding party. Josh can’t make it to the wedding because he has to run rehearsal for Bob’s marching band down in Binghamton.

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