October 12, 2002: Dan’s Wedding in Herkimer

Dominica and I hit the road early this morning and headed out to Herkimer. We managed to get there about 9:45 and I practiced with the trombone choir for a little bit before the wedding. I am sounding surprisingly not bad after all of this time not having been playing. The choir sounded pretty good. We had three tenor and two bass trombones. It has been a long time since I had the chance to play in a trombone group like that.

After the wedding, Min and I went to her parent’s house, just five minutes up the road. We did a bunch of laundry and watched a lot of television. It is about the only time that I see tv is when I am out there. So we watched the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet all day.

Loopy stayed at home today waiting for the cable technician to come out to our house to see what was wrong with the cable. They did actually come out this time and the girl managed to discover some problems with the line between our house and the outside cable connection at the road. Of course, she played with our lines in the house and took away one of our splitters and did some rewiring so now we have to Road Runner Hish Speed Onlin OR cable television. But, she said that we would be getting reimbursed for the days that we were without service and since no one is home that watches any television anyway, it isn’t all that bad (although we are REALLY missing the Internet connection considering how long we have been without it.)

Loopy took the opportunity to play some Age of Empires 2 and has managed to beat it on hard. That makes three of us now that are all around the same level. Min started playing moderate today (the level above standard) so she is getting a bit better now too. Pretty soon, they will be able to beat me again.

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