October 14, 2002: Columbus Day

Little Canadian FlagHappy Columbus Day to all of our US readers and Happy Thankgiving to all of our Canadian ones!

Well, we are back online today. I have approximately 200 emails stored up that I have to go through today. What a pain. Almost all of it is SPAM! It is such a relief to be online again. You have no idea how disconnected we all feel when we have no access for so long. No email, no news. It is awful. We don’t know what to do. It is especially bad when we can’t play some video games because we need patches that we don’t have!

The Blender is now free. Blender is big time 3D rendering software. It is available at www.blender.org.

Today is going to be short because I want to post after having been down for so long. Look for more news tomorrow.

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