October 13, 2002

When you have no Internet access and no one is home, the house is pretty quiet. Plus it is overcast and drizzly outside adding to the whole effect. For those of you following the site everyday, you probably noticed that I posted the last three days all at once. That is because I have to dial-up to get online and it is a pain to get any work done that way so updates are being written and trasfered to the site in bulk. The next level cable technician is due out here tomorrow to work on the line so there is a chance that our service will be back up and running tomorrow (but don’t count on it.) They have known about the problem since we first moved into the house and it has always been an issue and they have never managed to really deal with it so it is unlikely that they will have much luck tomorrow but we remain hopeful. Since there are no other options for high speed Internet access out here in the sticks (no, ADSL from Verizon does not stretch this far out – nor does SDSL from Clarity – and neither does wireless make it this low on the hill!!) So, we are pretty much stuck with the current situation until we move next summer.

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