October 18, 2002: In Bar Harbor

My first full day in Maine. I haven’t been to Bar Harbor at all since 1992 and then it was only for a day or two. In my youth, I would come here frequently. This was my family’s official vacation spot and this is my sixth trip and my parent’s tenth. Bar Harbor practically defines vacation to me. Between the mountains of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Virginia – I saw little else. Family vacations always meant hiking in the mountains. It is beautiful up here. I am surprised that I still know my way around. It has been so long and I have never driven on the island before. It feels really weird to be driving here. Both Nugget and Buffer (two of our three dogs that we had while I was growing up) came to Mount Desert Island a number of times.

Today my parents and I started off with some hiking up to Beech and Canada Cliffs on Beech Mountain on the west side of the island. My mom is able to climb the mountain, just very slowly now but she is fine on level or descending ground. She is still in better shape than either dad or I.

After doing a little light mountain hiking we took to the island’s Azalea gardens near Northeast Harbor. There are two exquisite private gardens there that you can go see. They are really something. If I ever stay on the island again, I will likely stay in Northeast Harbor. It is more pleasent and less touristy.

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