October 19, 2002

My second day in Maine. Today is much colder than it was yesterday. Yesterday, I was able to hike with just a fleece on but today I have to wear a coat. It was supposed to rain all day here but it ended up only raining in the evening. We went for a hike along Long Pond near Seal Harbor. There were some puppies on the trail that I got to play with.

I have had the hardest time finding any food here on the island. New Englanders are very unaccommodating for vegetarians. If you find a restaurant that says it has vegetarian, it normally means that they have a vegetable stir fry. Just whatever they have lying around they will through it a skillet and heat up for you and throw it on some rice. Most restaurants advertised having at least one vegetarian dish but a couple of places weren’t carrying it anymore for the season. There was a local beer that I wanted to try and every place that I ordered it said that they were out of it as well.

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