October 28, 2002: Back in Ithaca

Today is a very busy day. I have to recover from having been away for two whole days and not having had the chance to check my email or to be in phone contact with anyone. Eric and I have two meeting already this week and that makes it even more hectic. On top of that, I am working a contract position this evening up in Syracuse for T-Mobile, a division of Deutsche Telekom out of Germany. I will be working there all through the night before meeting Eric and heading to our meeting in Cortland first thing in the morning.

Today I am taking care of little things and working to get all of the copies of my resume up to date everywhere. I found some copies that were a year and a half out of date which is an eternity in the IT business. There are so many sites on which to keep a copy of your resume – it is really daunting. I use around 30 sites in all. A few I use all of the time like Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, ComputerJobs, HotJobs and the first four of those account for 90% of all calls that I get. But you don’t want to miss a big opportunity just because you weren’t listed on the right site. So I take the time to keep resumes updated on all of them. One of the sites, BrassRing.com, that I was updating still had my address listed as Gaslight Village Apartments! I forgot that we ever lived there. That was the original Llama house here in Ithaca.

I did run into Mike Hritcko online today who used to work with Andy and I through CTG over at IBM a couple of years ago. He is no longer at IBM and is looking for work again like everyone else.

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