October 29, 2002

I am pretty tired today. I worked overnight for Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile in the States) from 8:30pm till 8:30am, came home, showered and changed into my suit, met Eric, headed to Cortland Memorial Hospital (who stood us up) returned home – all without getting to go to bed. I did get a chance to get some sleep while I was on the job last night but I am still pretty exhausted today. I am really looking forward to getting into bed tonight.

Loopy became the first one of us to be able to defeat the computer on hardest last night. Now the race is on to see who will do it next. Eric played against me again today and lost again. He doesn’t have a lot of experience playing against real people and that really affects him.

Vito’s, one of my favorite eateries in Ithaca, closed recently. Last night, Loopy, Min and I headed down there in the hopes of getting dinner but what we found was a new Thai and Loatian Restaurant. The new place looks nice but it will have a hard time competing with Vito’s reputation.

Ok, since I started writing the day’s updates, I played a game of AoE2 and have beaten the computer as well. Dominica has moved up from moderate to hard. She is taking the game a lot more seriously now. Min tried a newer game of the same genre as AoE2 called Stronghold. She has a demo of it that came with some other game that she owns. We tried playing it a little bit but the game just didn’t have the gripping power of AoE2. The people management gets too annoying and the gameplay suffers. Some of the graphics in Stronghold were really cool though.

Little Canadian FlagMiranda is coming down this weekend to visit. I will probably only her for a day before I take off for Washington. Eric and I are heading down to DC on Monday and will be working there all this week.

I am thinking about attempting the Linux+ exam from CompTIA this Friday. I would really like to get that test out of the way and not have to worry about it anymore. I have already passed a couple of practice tests so I think that I am ready. I have read two books as well. If I manage to pass the Linux+, I don’t know what I will be looking to get certified on after that. There are so many certifications that it is really difficult to chose them appropriately. I also need to buckle down and finish up the last of the paperwork for my last semester at ESC.

Little Canadian FlagOur Canadian Contingency should be happy when they notice all of the recent little Maple Leafs appearing all over the site. That is what happens when Miranda is coming to visit, Min and I just vacationed in Ottawa and Josh and I plan to go to Toronto soon.

Well, the financial situation is finally real… Loopy had to sell the awesome house movie projector. We are all very sad. We will have the projector for about one more week before it is finally packed up and shipped off. We will all really miss it. Hopefully we will be able to get another one really soon.

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