October 5, 2002

I didn’t get a chance to post the daily yesterday because the power went off at 11:30 and we had to spend the rest of the night without power. We lit some candles and we all sat around in the dark talking all night. Loopy and I finally went to bed around 4am after the lights had come back on.

Nate, Bob and Zach have been missing for days. We have no idea where they have gone off to but the house has been incredibly empty for a while. It is really quite here. It is so quite that I even forget that the bottom two levels of the house even exist.

Min and I played some AoE2 today. Josh and I tried to play against each other of the Internet but his computer crashed and it ended up being impossible to play.

Min and I are heading out to Perry and Rochester tomorrow. We are going to church out there then visiting with my parents for a little while. After that we are heading up to Rochester because I have to switch processors with Josh. I currently have an Athlon XP1900+ and I am trading it is for a 2000+. It isn’t much difference but every little bit helps.

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