October 6, 2002: Happy Quarter Century to Andy West

Happy 25th Birthday to Loopy!!

Dominica and I headed out to my parents this morning to go to church and visit for a while. We had a good time and we also went down to my grandmother’s house and visited there for a little while. We ended up heading north to Avon to get some dinner at Tom Wahl’s. I used to really hate Tom Wahl’s but since they have been bought out by Bill Gray’s, they have really turned around and the service and food there are a million times better than they used to be. We had a good time there.

After visiting people all day, Dominica and I then headed up to Josh and Joanna’s townhouse in Greece to get the new AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor for my computer. Josh and I managed to get it installed without a hitch and I am testing it now. Today’s update is being written on the machine running the new processor while it is ripping CDs and converting them to Ogg Vorbis in the background. The previous processor had been unable to encode the Ogg Vorbis files without crashing so this is the big test, so far, so good. I have already encoded the most that I have ever been able to encode so this is a good sign. The new processor is still running quite hot, just like the old one did. I am just running it with the default fan and the default grease. I did open up my case but that has affected it very little. I am going to have to try some thermal grease that Loopy has tomorrow and see if that makes any difference. There is only so much that I can do with it without going through some major expense. The new processor fan that I have is much quieter than the old one so that is a huge improvement. I am very happy about that. Now if I could just keep the thing cool!

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