October 8, 2002

We are into the final week of Oktoberfest. Make sure you get out and drink some beer before the 15th when it is all over.

I learned some new strategies for AoE2 today. I found a number of things that I was doing wrong and I have improved dramatically (I think, at least.) I am able to develope more powerfully now and not just quickly.

I think that I may have gotten more phone calls from John today than I have ever gotten in a single day before. He woke me up in the morning and has been calling every 30-60 minutes all day long. The contract that Eric and I have been waiting for in Rochester has finally been delivered which makes us very happy.

Loopy and I actually cooked dinner last night. It was a scary experience.

Loopy, Min and I went out to State Street for dinner and then Min and I went to the mall and picked up the latest expansion pack for the Sims, The Simes Unleashed. This is the fifth expansion pack that she has gotten (yes, that means that six total packages have been purchased!!) and the seventh pack is due out in just a couple of weeks (Sims Online.) There is also the unofficial face program for taking pictures of real people and adding them into the game. Whoever came up with the idea for the Sims really knew what he was doing. What an addictive game that just keeps you expanding and expanding. Each of the packs really adds a lot of functionality to the game. This newest pack (Unleashed) adds pets to the game plus adds tons of new items and just expands on the overall workings of the game. The Sims has been out for years and they just released a new boxed set of it that includes the first expansion pack. If you haven’t checked out the Sims, it might be worth taking a look. It is a really strange but involved video game.

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