October 7, 2002

Working on a web log like this really gives you a sense of time flying by. It seems like I just started this site and here we are at the two year mark. Wow how time does fly. When I started this page, the Llamas had just moved into the Lucente Property up on Sactuary Drive. We were so happy to be out of Nate’s cramped apartment at Gaslight Village (the apartment was fine but there were four of us in a tiny two bedroom place with one of the bedrooms being used for storage.) Loopy had just returned from Pittsburgh and was working at Gutchess Lumber as an Access / Visual Basic programmer (his first “real” job.) Bob had just moved to Ithaca to start teaching here instead of in Oneonta. Tim was still teaching near Utica. I was working in Washington, DC at OilNavigator.com and had been living in a hotel in Alexandria for six months and had just moved over to living in the condo in Arnold, MD! How time does fly.

My computer is continuing to work today. It is running very hot but not crashing or locking up on me. Right now I am running it with the case open and a regular fan blowing cold room air into the case to see how that affects the overall temperature of the system. I did manage to Ogg Vorbis encode a number of CDs and they all worked fine. So, I am looking good for the moment.

Loopy and I went out shopping this afternoon and we picked up a copy of Nancy Drew for the Game Boy Advance. I only had a chance to pop it in for a second today but the game looks really amazing. It definitely has the best graphics of any game that I have seen on the Nintendo GBA so far.

In addition to great graphics on the GBA, Bob and Loopy hooked Loop’s Nintendo Game Cube (with HDTV output) up to Loop’s projector down in the basement and hooked the sound to the Rotel surround processor. I have never seen a console look so good before. Those graphics were really amazing. They aren’t up to par with a lot of computer games but few computers have the chance to be hooked to such a system. It was really amazing.

Dominica got home from work and we immediately played she and Loopy versus me in Age of Empires 2. I am enjoying the chance to play again after having not played at all for so long. I managed to beat the two of them this time. It is nice to not have to end in a draw. I have been playing a little bit everyday for the last week or so, so I had improved considerably since they had played me last. It was a fun game though. They kept me wondering how I was doing for most of the game.

I reclocked Dominica’s computer back to where it normally is and she hasn’t had a crash all day. She is even playing the Sims which hasn’t been working in a while. My computer has made it all day even with the CDs being encoded and playing hours of video games. Normally it would have crashed at some point during the day. So, it is looking promising.

As some of you may know, Loopy recently sold his monitor that he had (the high refresh rate one) because it was starting to have some problems and Loop was worried that it was going to die. Well, the guy who bought it had it for one hour and loved it before the monitor completely bit the dust. Apparently it doesn’t even turn on anymore. Good thing that Loopy decided to get rid of it.

Bob got another collectable Star Wars toy from eBay today. It is a large speeder from Empire. It is in really good shape. All of the stickers are still on it. Bob has quite the Star Wars toy collection – mostly Legos. He got this latest one on accident, though, because he was trying to see how expensive it was going to be and accidentally was the highest bidder. But it wasn’t too expensive anyway.

Zach accidentally left his bass guitar at the Nines in June. They called today and Bob had to run out there to pick it up. That is a long time to be missing a guitar!

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