November 13, 2002

Lots of cool software was released today. Opera 7 Beta is in beta finally and can be downloaded. I am downloading my copy now. 7.0 is supposed to be faster and cooler than the older Opera 4-6 series were. Considering how fast Opera has been, even faster will be pretty amazing. I have been waiting to see how good 7 was going to be before buying my own copy of it. Microsoft announced the public beta of Direct X 9 today as well. And TrollTech released QT 3.1. QT is the base software on which the Zaurus and KDE ate based on. So that is good to hear.

In addition to new software rolling out today, Sharp made a major announcement with their new top end PDAs! I have been waiting for these to get released ever since Compaq and Toshiba released faster PDAs a few months ago. Dominica will be really happy that she waited to get a Zaurus. The new ones are expected to be $500-$600 and have microphone and speaker in addition to being twice as fast as the older model. I am pretty excited. I can’t wait to get a new one. Of course, now Dominica will have a cooler one than either Loopy or I. 🙁

No sooner do we link to Tonya’s LiveJournal page then it gets deleted. Figures, only our most avid readers who were on top of things yesterday got to read it.

Our server facility in DC has expanded and we have outgrown our KVM Switch. (A KVM is a keyboard, video, mouse switch used to connect multiple computer to a single set of these devices. It saves a lot of space and money over buying a ton of monitors and stuff and having them all over the place for machines that are rarely sat at.) We currently have a 4 port switch (i.e. it can handle four computers at once) and we have six computers. We were looking at installing an eight port switch but John thought that we should go higher so we are looking at sixteen port switches. That would allow for a lot more expansion.

I am working in the office again today. I plan on coming into the office again tomorrow morning early before I drive back to New York. That probably won’t actually happen but that is what I want to do. John and I were supposed to come into the office at 6am but that didn’t happen today either. We actually made it in closer to noon.

The weather has been beautiful down here. It is will be a shame to go home and to be away from it all. It has been overcast and rainy all week but no snow. It hasn’t been all that cold.

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