November 14, 2002

Boy it is a struggle to keep up with SGL. Today was a travel day for me. I drove from Annapolis back to Ithaca first thing this morning and arrived around 4:30. Today is Miranda’s last day among the Americans. She is driving back to North Bay tomorrow.

Little Canadian FlagLoopy and Miranda went out yesterday and bought Simpson’s Road Rage for the Game Cube. Apparently they have been playing it all day. Bob played it once last night and got the second highest score – he missed first place, 10,000, by only one point! The game is very similar to Crazy Taxi, which Loopy used to have for the Dreamcast. Miranda is completely addicted to the game. The graphics are really good. It is too bad that Loopy has taken the projector down already so we are stuck using the Game Cube on the half resolution television.

Loopy, Miranda, Min and I went out to Collegetown Bagels for some “Hippy” dinner. After dinner, we went out to see the newly refurbished Triphammer Liquors. We picked up some gin and mudslide mix and made some drinks when we got home and played some more Road Rage.

I am going to bed early tonight. I am tired after driving all day.

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